The reason for the season

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and if your anything like my family, that means Christmas trees, lights, cookies, and Santa! This was the first year where my son started to ask questions about Santa, and I really struggled with how to handle these answers. He asked me, if Santa is watching me all the time, does that make him like Jesus?

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Well of course he isn’t like Jesus! But he is always watching you, knows when you’ve been bad or good, rewards you for good behavior, and punishes you for bad, and manages to be everywhere on one night. Okay, well I get the confusion. Now I know many christian families who don’t celebrate Santa for this reason, but I think we can find a happy medium! We let our children believe in Superman, or Spider man, so why not Santa? It is simply playing pretend.

He knows if you’ve been good

This is where our “Elf” comes into play. If your child believes that his elf keeps tabs on him, and reports back to Santa, he wont have to feel like he has this godly power of always watching and knowing if your good or bad.

Rewards you for being good

In our house, Santa brings small gifts. Like books, and clothes. Because I don’t want Christmas to be all about materialistic things. And I stress that these rewards are like when they are good at the doctors, they get a lollipop. Nothing to even compare to the amazing blessings we are rewarded by Jesus!

Everywhere in one night

This one was pretty simple with my kids because when I went out of the country they learned about time zones. So I just explained to them that he was way longer than one night to get around the world because of the time zones!

The real reason for the season

The most important part of this, is to remind them the real reason for Christmas. We are celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Sing songs honoring our Savior, explain to them about the nativity. Pray, and study the bible!