What a four year old taught me about dying

Its normal to fear the thought of drying. No one wants to die soon. Although of course we want to go to heaven and live in Gods glory, we wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer. Well, dying use to be one of my biggest fear. The thought scared me. But my son without even knowing, changed that for me!

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Okay my fellow mommas, how many times have you thought “ I wish my babies would stop growing!” I know that is something I think about every day! Time flies. One day your changing diapers, the next your signing them up for kindergarten. Everytime I tell my oldest, he always replies with something silly, like “We will put a brick on my head so I dont get any bigger.”

Well one day, I told him he needed to stop growing and he shocked me. He said “If I dont grow any more, I would be four forever, then I would never die, and that would mean I wouldnt see you and daddy in heaven one day.” He went on to assure me he didnt want to die for a long long time. And at first, I thought this was pretty grim, (Like im sure you do!) But I realized this was such a grown up thing for him to say!


He reminded me the glory of accepting Jesus Christ as our savior means knowing there is life after death. We get to see out loved ones again and that is such an amazing thing! If you want some great tips to help your kiddos pray so they can fully understand the glory of God, check out this post.