A death in the family

I remember when we got the phone call that my husbands grandfather was in the hospital. My first thought was, how will I break this to my kids. Abel was to young to really under stand, but Coop was almost five and I knew this would be heard to explain. We already knew that he probably wouldn’t make it, so that gave me some time to pray, and figure out the best way to tell him.

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Papaw had been sick for some while, and his wife had passed away a few years back. So thats how I approached telling my son, I explained that he had been sick for a while, and that he was ready to go home and be with Mamaw. Of course Coop was heart broken, and he cried. And cried some more. This went on for a couple of days, then on the way to go visit with him, Coop said “Im not sad anymore, Jesus told me that he was going to heaven and was going to be able to walk again, and he would be happy!” And that really hit me hard, that a four year old had the knowledge and relationship with our Lord, that he was able to find comfort in something so hard.

I shared this with the rest of the family, and it helped to lighten the mood that Jesus had used my son to bring comfort to the family. As the day went on, Papaws sickness progressed. He ended up passing way that evening.

At the funeral Coop and his older cousin got up and sang “I can only imagine” A beautiful song, to send off such a loving and amazing man!

So just remember to always be looking out for signs from the Lord. Because I could have written my sons comment off as “Child talk” But I know that our God works in mysterious ways

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