How to help kids pray

As parents our job is to raise children with a Christ centered life. And how can we have a Christ centered life without talking to Christ himself? The answer, you cant. So how can we help our children feel comfortable talking to the Lord when many adults still struggle with this? And let me tell you, I am far from a perfect parent. But when I see my son on his knees talking to Jesus, I know I have gotten something right.

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Jesus is your best friend

Its important to explain to children when they are young that Jesus is the best friend they could ever ask for. He gave his life for each and every one of us. Now I know, your asking what this has to do with teaching kids to pray. But let me tell you, there is so much pressure put on praying, because many people feel like it should be a formal thing. But in reality, When you pray your talking to someone who loves you very much! So its okay to just talk, and not worry about making sure everything sounds perfect

He understands

Sometimes its hard for little kids to put his thoughts into words. But I have explained to him that all he has to do is close his eyes and start talking and let Jesus do the rest! Its important in pray to understand to Jesus knows every little thing about us, even the things we cant put into words. So as long as we take the time to pray, and do the best we can that he will help us!


Kids learn by watching you!

This is the most important thing I can tell you, so listen closely! Your children look up to you, in every aspect of life. So it only makes sense that they will mimic your actions. So let them see you pray. In our house, we pray alot. I pray with my kids in the morning. We pray over meals, before bed. When we face struggles, or receive blessings! When my husband and I argue, him and I pray, when the kids get into fights, we all pray.

And that is how my children have grown to know that with everything life throws, they can always lean on the Lord for comfort!