A prayer for my child starting school

One of the biggest transitions in a child’s life is when they start school. I have just enrolled my oldest in kindergarten and he will start in August. So here is my little prayer for my oldest.

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Dear Lord,

Please be with my sweet child through this big step in his life. Please be with him, and let him know he always has a friend in Jesus, if he isn't in with the popular crowd. Please keep him safe in this crazy world, and always be there to protect him.

I pray that he enjoys school, and soaks in all the knowledge they teach him, and always does his best! I pray he learns his ABC, and how to read stories, Count to 50 and play with new toys.


But most importantly I pray he never loses his faith. I know that when it comes to school, we (Christians) are often times a minority, and it can become so easy to stray from what we believe in. But please Lord, I pray you guide him down the right paths, and help him meet like minded kids.

I pray that I have done my job in teaching my son to stand tall and always remember to put God first, and I hope he feels good enough in his faith to spread the Gospel.