Keeping kids calm in church

As a mother of two lovely children, i’m ashamed to say sometimes I dread church. I dread trying to make my kids look presentable, and have them sit still and actually listen to the preacher. I have came a long way, I have came up with some great tips to stop the Sunday morning insanity!

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  1. pack a church bag

    I always have a small tote that is full of goodies for the kids. I have little drawing pads and stickers. Little toys that don't make noise, but that can keep the littles happy. (And I know your thinking “You said and help them pay attention”) Trust me, sometimes when they do stuff with their hands, they pay attention even when you don't realize it. I have had my son blurt out an answer to the preacher while he had been drawing.

2. Pack small goodies

They way to my youngest boys heart is through food! So I like to keep some smarties, or dry cereal in our church bag so he has some little snacks to keep him happy!


3. sit in the back

When we moved churches, we started sitting in the back because we didn't know anyone. Over time I realized that was the ticked to taking kids to church because a little noise is okay back there! If its crunching on cereal, or playing with a toy car, if your in the back you wont disturb anyone!

4. after church quiz

If your kids are a little older, you can tell them you are gonna ask them questions about church afterwards, and if they can get the answers right, they can get a prize! Make them simple questions, and you can reward them with ice cream, or a trip to the park! This will help them really pay attention!

5. Remember, the church wants your kids there.

I know its hard, when your baby starts crying, or your kiddo starts to talk. Just remember, it really is a joy seeing little faces at church! No one is counting your kiddos meltdowns. Try to go, and really enjoy learning more about our amazing Lord!

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