Why I never let my kids go to bed angry

I know you have heard the saying “don't go to bed angry” when talking about marriage. But do you know the importance of not letting the kids go to bed angry?

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It is so easy, to get upset with y our children, and send them to bed angry. I think this is such a sad, sad thing to do! Think about when you go to bed angry, how do you feel? I know that for me personally, it makes me hasty, and very ungrateful! I sometimes have, less than godly thoughts about whatever I am angry with.

I also notice, often times I get so distracted with being angry, I forget my nightly prayer.

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As parents its our job to help our kids work through their problems, and make sure they always keep God first.

Now this DOES NOT mean giving in to your child’s tantrums. But try and talk with them, and pray with them, until they are okay again. This was you can be sure they still say their prayer, and keep God in their hearts at all times!