How to conquer ungodly thoughts

It has happened to all of us. Someone cuts you off driving down the road, or perhaps you see someone attractive walks by. As humans, thoughts pop into our minds. As Christians we are supposed to make sure those thoughts are godly.

So how to we keep those unhealthy and ungodly thoughts out of our minds (And our hearts?) well the answer is pretty simple.


pray and ask Jesus to help you keep clean christian thoughts, pray that he wards off the devil from trying to slip his way into you world.

Study the word.

If you spend time in the Lords word daily, your heart and soul will be so full of love and joy from Christ that it will limit the space for these ungodly thoughts!

Ask for forgiveness.

As I said earlier, we are humans. We cant help but have the occasional thought slip our mind, even as some of the most well behaved servants of the Lord! But Jesus Christ died on the cross so that each of us can be forgiven, we just have to ask for it.

The most important thing to take away today, is that as humans we where born into a sinful nature. We as Christians need to try to avoid that sinful nature as much as possible and be sure to ask for forgiveness so that we can live a life closer to our savior, and spend our days rejoicing in the Lord instead of mumbling rude comments to the reckless driver next to you!

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