How to find your identity in Christ

Remember back in high school, when you tried to find where you fit in? I remember bouncing back and fourth between all the different "cliques" never feeling like I really fit any where! I was was trying to find my identity. Problem was, I was trying to find my earthy identity, not my identity in Christ.

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It wasn't until years later, when i was out of school, married, and had kids of my own that I finally figured this out. I struggled with finding where I belonged, and what I was meant to do. Even after I discovered Christ, i still didn't have some magic switch flip, to tell me who I was. It was a long journey, but eventually I found where I was meant to be to best serve the Lord!

The first step (to almost everything as a christian) should always be to pray!Ask the Lord to help you along this journey, and help him lead you to where he wants you in life! Continue to pray everyday for this.It says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to pray without ceasing.

Don't be afraid to try new things. Its okay to fail at some before you find where you belong! I tried blogging full time, photography, painting, music, and back to blogging part time. The point is, as long as what your doing is a way for you to connect with Christ, and share the gospel with others, that's okay!

Jesus loves you always. I use to believe he only loved me when I did things right. I felt that if I failed, he was mad, and wouldn't claim me any more. But You have to understand that Jesus died on the cross so that our sins can be forgiven!

Don't feel silly if you think you have found your identity in Christ in an odd way. By this, I mean you may feel like you can best serve the Lord by juggling and handing out tracts, then by all means girl, you go for it! For me I have found I feel like I connect, and serve the Lord best whenever I share my story/ advice with you guys here! Or when I am painting, because I can show my appreciation for all the beauty the Lord has put on the earth!