Having a bad day? Read this

My husband was in so much pain, could barley walk and had been in the hospital twice this week. We were desperate for answers so after dropping our youngest off at daycare, and our oldest with his grandmother, we take off. We head a few towns over to the largest hospital in the area. On the way there, I get a phone call from daycare that my youngest was projectile vomiting & I needed to come and pick him up ASAP. Y’all, to say I was freaking out was an understatement! I couldn’t be in two places at once, but they both needed me!

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As I as wallowing in self pity that my loved ones were unwell. (I was fine, yet I felt bad for myself. what?) I +got a text message that changed my whole day. A message from my mother in law that read:

Just remember, God gives us the bad days, to appreciate the good days.

Whatta wake up call y’all! Like okay, I am so blessed. I have an amazing husband, healthy children, a supportive family, and loving in-laws.Yet I dont think I appreciate, or thank God for all this enough! But when I was on my knees crying for God to heal my husband, I heard him say be greatful for what all I have done for you!

How often do we really sit down and pray and thank God for the little things? Maybe my mother in law was right. God dives us bad days, so we can appreciate the good days.


Fast forward a few days, my husband is feeling better and actually able to hobble around, and is coming off his pain killers. I pause the TV, look at him, grab his hand and say THANK YOU! Like really, I think I subconsciously took him and all he does for me for granted!

So when your having a bad day, think about what all you have. Sit down, and write it out. Make a list, call your mom just to day hi! We are truly blessed! We need to start appreciating that a little more!

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