How to share your faith

Well hello beautiful ladies! As I am writing this, I am watching five rambunctious children. My two boys, and a three other little ones for a friend of mine, to say the house is hectic is an understatement! My friends five year old just yelled that he hated all of us, and so I wanted to sit down and talk with him. If that was my son, I would explain how Jesus calls us to love everyone. But he isn’t my boy, and their believes may differ from ours. So I started wondering, how should I share my faith with people who may not agree with me?

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Know what your talking about

this is so important, because you dont want to be spreading false information! Now, this also doesn’t mean you have to be an expert and know everything inside the bible. because to be honest, thats probably not going to happen. Even the biggest bible scholars probably dont know everything the bible says. So dont let a lack of knowledge hinder you!

Ask for help

If a question arises, or you meet someone you cant reach spiritually, dont be afraid to ask a friend, mentor, or preacher for assistants! Because we all have one thing in common, and that is being called to share the word of God, so most likely, any christian you call on will be more than happy to help!


This one is obvious. pray before you try and go out and share the gospel, but I also mean pray with who ever your evangelizing to. This can be a powerful move for you because when you pray, your inviting the Holy Spirit into your conversations. That alone could be the deciding factor in helping someone with thier faith.

Everyone is different

During my last couples bible study, we were sharing how the Word first came to us. I mentioned how the “Fear tactic” DID NOT work for me! It actually turned me away more. After coming out of an abusive relationship, the only thing to convince me, was hearing of how loving our God truly was! My friend Maggie said she was the total opposite. How she was laying in bed one evening and heard an infomercial where the preacher said something to the extent of “If you dont change your ways your going to Hell”

Thats when we got deeper into the reason why these different tactics helped us. For me, I had lived receiving so much hate, for so long, hearing the words “Jesus loves you despite your sins” Changed my world. Thats when we realized that God puts what we need, in front of us! So dont be afraid to speak with some one the way you feel appropriate! {If you want to read more about my testimony, click here!)

I hope you guys enjoys, and if you have any more recommendations please leave a comment and share with anyone you think may need this!