Juggling faith family and work

Being a mother is hard. Being a mother who works is even harder! Throw trying to raise christian kids into the mix and its another level of hard! Trying to squeeze in family time after work usually ends up choosing between watching a movie, playing a board game, or doing a bible study. If your wondering how to balance everything a little better, read on my fellow mommas!

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I get it, It can be stressful trying to juggle all this motherhood has offer. We are expected to cook clean and work like we dont have kids, and we are expected to raise kids like we arent expected to cook clean, and work. I felt this way for a long time. I knew there had to be a way to handle it all and still save some sanity.

I get home everyday around 6 at night. With only two days of with my kids, so I try and squeeze as much family time in as possible! But obviously, I have to still do some chores in that time. The hardest part for me was that I love to cook. Like big dinners, which often takes alot of time! So I have started making quick and easy dinners, and designating the big dinners for family fun night.

My husband and I try to do a little light cleaning each night. Like putting the dishes in the dishwasher, and wiping down the counters. Obviously, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the cleaning we have to do! So I have designated one day to cleaning. This is when I do a majority of the cleaning.


But we cant forget the importance of spending some quality time with our sweet husbands! So I have scheduled us a date night each week as well! Of course we dont have a babysitter each week, but even if we put the kids down a little early, we get a chance to spend quality time together!

I read my children a bedtime story every night. I be sure to make this some sort of bible story, to make sure they get their daily dose of Jesus! Plus We pray every morning before they go to the babysitter, over every meal, and many other times! Be sure to check out my blog post on helping kids pray!

I have put together a super cute weekly schedule! I have filled out the three most important nights! Family fun night, date night, and cleaning! You can fill in any other nights you want to add to your weekly schedule and then hang it somewhere to keep you on track!

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